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Dental Implant Affordability – There’s Help Available!

August 10, 2019

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older man smiling with grey hairYou’ve endured life without a full set of teeth long enough, and you’re ready to make a change. When it comes to the available options, none parallel the placement of a dental implant in Lansing. What separates this form of tooth replacement from the other available methods? Furthermore, will my dental insurance cover the procedure? Find out the answer to these questions and discover how dental implant placement can restore your smile, functionality and confidence!


Cosmetic Dentist In Lansing Can Improve Your Appearance and Oral Health

April 9, 2019

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Woman with a beautiful smileThe way your smile looks is directly related to the health of your teeth and gums. And while many people don’t realize it, cosmetic dentistry is a great way to “kill two birds with one stone” and take care of your oral health and appearance at the same time. Simply put, healthy teeth equal beautiful teeth, and when you get dental work from a cosmetic dentist in Lansing, you can have both. Keep reading below to learn about which procedures can give you a smile that looks just as good as it feels!


Is Professional Teeth Whitening from a Cosmetic Dentist in Lansing Safe for Enamel?

March 31, 2019

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before and after teeth whiteningProfessional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist in Lansing is not only safe for enamel, it’s effective at removing stains and discoloration and enhancing your smile. It’s important to follow your dentist’s guidelines at all times, including recommended dietary restrictions for the first day or two after treatment.


3 Steps on How to Shop for Dental Implants in Lansing

January 6, 2019

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A woman researching on a laptop.When it comes to dental treatments, dental implant placement is not something you want to rush. Since this restoration is going to be inside your jaw for several decades, it’s important that your unique oral structure and needs are taken into account prior to surgery.

However, many people who are shopping for dental implants in Lansing may not even know where to start. If you’re wondering how much implant treatment costs, how insurance plays a role or how to choose the right dentist, keep reading!



Do You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment in Lansing?

December 2, 2018

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Manw ith trouble sleeping.Do you feel tired when you wake up even after a good night’s sleep? You could have sleep apnea. It is estimated that around 22 million Americans deal with sleep apnea, and many don’t even know they have it. This disorder occurs when your breathing is interrupted during sleep, and it can happen hundreds of times. Keep reading to learn more about this disorder and whether you need sleep apnea treatment in Lansing.


Are You a Snorer? You May Need Sleep Apnea Treatment in Lansing

November 26, 2018

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man smiling while sleeping peacefullyA typical night for your significant other is to endure the bellows of your loud snoring while you sleep. Your local dentist says this could be a sign of a sleep disorder. Still, there are other symptoms you should be on the lookout for. Find out what they are and how sleep apnea treatment in Lansing can help you get the rest you need.


Need Multiple Dental Implants in Lansing? Here Are Your Options

October 31, 2018

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dental patient with mirrorA single dental implant can serve as a substitute tooth root, and when it is topped with a beautiful crown, no one has to know that you ever had a gap in your smile! But what if you’re missing multiple teeth? Fortunately, you don’t need to receive an implant to replace each missing pearly white. Let’s talk about how multi-teeth restorations that are supported by dental implants in Lansing can fill in the empty spaces and give you back the strong, confident, and attractive set of teeth you’ve been missing.


5 Tips to Find the Best Dentist for Dental Implants in Lansing

September 24, 2018

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Two dental implantsHave you decided to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Lansing? You’re joining over than 500,000 people who are making the same investment in their smiles this year. While you’re excited to start your journey to an improved quality of life, you still haven’t found a dentist to handle your procedure. Although there are many excellent options in the area, not all will meet your needs. To find the right one, there are several tips to keep in mind.

Tips to Care for Dental Implants in Lansing

August 8, 2018

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three dental implantsAre you tired of living with the complications of tooth loss? Are you ready to fill the empty spaces in your smile with dental implants in Lansing? That is great! You will make a long-term investment in your oral health and your quality of life. As the most successful option to replace missing teeth, you will benefit from a solution that closely looks and feels natural. To protect your investment, it is best to care for your dental implant restoration properly each day.

Teeth Whitening Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist in Lansing

June 12, 2018

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before and after teeth whiteningOver the years, you will start to see your teeth darken. It is natural for your enamel to become darker as you age because it becomes thinner. This causes the underlying layer, known as the dentin, to become more exposed, leading to a yellow or brown color. While it is normal, there are other factors that can cause stains and discoloration to occur prematurely, such as smoking, poor oral hygiene, or consuming darkly pigmented foods and drinks. To restore a bright smile, your cosmetic dentist in Lansing can help. With a professional whitening treatment, your teeth will become several shades whiter. To ensure that you fully understand the process, there are a few questions to ask your dentist during your consultation.

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