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Teeth Whitening Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist in Lansing

June 12, 2018

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before and after teeth whiteningOver the years, you will start to see your teeth darken. It is natural for your enamel to become darker as you age because it becomes thinner. This causes the underlying layer, known as the dentin, to become more exposed, leading to a yellow or brown color. While it is normal, there are other factors that can cause stains and discoloration to occur prematurely, such as smoking, poor oral hygiene, or consuming darkly pigmented foods and drinks. To restore a bright smile, your cosmetic dentist in Lansing can help. With a professional whitening treatment, your teeth will become several shades whiter. To ensure that you fully understand the process, there are a few questions to ask your dentist during your consultation.

Should I Use DIY Veneers?

May 11, 2018

Female patient in dental chair talking to dentistThis may easily be deemed the DIY era. Pinterest, YouTube, and other online forums allow DIYers to share tips and secrets to do almost any project at home. Now, that includes DIY cosmetic dental care as well. You can use at-home kits to whiten, straighten, and perfect your smile. Many patients have recently asked us about DIY veneers. If you’re considering creating your own dental veneers at home, read this post to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of this DIY dental treatment.

Say Good-Bye to a Gummy Smile with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Lansing

February 5, 2018

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Man smilingHave you often been told that you have a gummy smile? Maybe uneven gum tissue has caused your teeth to look disproportionate? No matter the issues that are affecting the appearance of your smile, you can get the results you want with a gum lift from your cosmetic dentist in Lansing. Now, you can remove excess tissue to reveal more of the tooth’s structure or recontour your gum line using a safe and minimally invasive procedure.

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Lansing Supports Investing in Your Smile

July 11, 2017

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See your cosmetic dentist in Lansing when you’re ready to invest in your smile. Career coaches, life coaches, relationship experts and just about everyone else will tell you that you have to invest in yourself if you want to be successful. That’s very true. You’ll almost never go wrong when you do something to improve yourself. The same can be said about your smile, which is the one accessory that is with you in every situation—on the job, on a date or at home. Your cosmetic dentist in Lansing, Dr. John Hagerty, knows three good reasons why spending money on your smile is a worthwhile investment. Read on to learn about these reasons as well as the dental services Dr. Hagerty offers to improve the health and appearance of your smile.


Options for Teeth Whitening in Lansing

October 24, 2016

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Discover your options for teeth whitening in Lansing.Over time, it is not uncommon to notice your bright, white smile start to fade. Tooth discoloration is unavoidable as you age. Not to mention, foods and lifestyle factors also influence the rate of discoloration. However, now you do not have to live with a discolored smile. Dr. John Hagerty offers various options for professional teeth whitening in Lansing. As a Lansing dentist for bright smiles, Dr. Hagerty offers the perfect solution to meet your needs and lifestyle.

What Is a Gum Lift from Your Cosmetic Dentist in Lansing

May 9, 2016

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cosmetic dentist in LansingAt Hagerty Dentistry, we are a premier family and cosmetic dentist in Lansing for a variety of dental specialties. Among our many services are gum lifts. Gum lifts, also known as gum contouring and gum reshaping, are a procedure used to remove areas of the gum line for a more attractive appearance. Gum reshaping is often used as a cosmetic treatment to give the teeth a more attractive appearance. However, in some cases, gum contouring may be necessary to treat damage, such as that caused from periodontal disease. No matter the reason, we offer safe and effective gum treatments using the best dental technologies for precise results.

Why Patients Choose Invisalign in Lansing

April 5, 2016

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Invisalign in LansingHagerty Dentistry, Lansing’s premier family and cosmetic dentist, proudly offers Invisalign to patients who want a straighter smile. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that offers an alternative to traditional metal braces. In addition to a less noticeable appearance, the clear braces are a more convenient treatment process. In less time and with less discomfort, you’ll benefit from professional results when choosing Invisalign in Lansing with Dr. Hagerty.

Lansing Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Hagerty can Change Your Smile

January 14, 2016

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cosmetic dentist

Happy New Year! New beginnings are great, aren’t they? A chance to make a fresh start and wipe the slate clean… speaking of fresh and clean, how about giving yourself a new look with a beautiful smile? Lansing cosmetic dentist Dr. John J. Hagerty offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that are guaranteed to get your New Year off to a smiling start!

Replace a Missing Tooth With Incredible Dental Implants in Lansing, MI

April 20, 2015

Did you lose a tooth due to decay, an oral injury, or facial trauma? If you answered “yes,” then you are not alone. Thousands and thousands of Americans lose teeth every year, hindering function of the mouth, leaving people in a very frustrating, unfortunate situation. The loss of a tooth can reduce oral function, but it can leave a negative effect on self-esteem. Instead of living with a missing tooth, which can place a burden on your day-to-day routine, you can replace the tooth with durable, long-lasting dental implants. Hagerty Dentistry, located in Lansing, MI, can assist those with this issue by inserting incredible dental implants. (more…)