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Options for Teeth Whitening in Lansing

October 24, 2016

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Discover your options for teeth whitening in Lansing.Over time, it is not uncommon to notice your bright, white smile start to fade. Tooth discoloration is unavoidable as you age. Not to mention, foods and lifestyle factors also influence the rate of discoloration. However, now you do not have to live with a discolored smile. Dr. John Hagerty offers various options for professional teeth whitening in Lansing. As a Lansing dentist for bright smiles, Dr. Hagerty offers the perfect solution to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening

When you notice your smile has begun to dim, you have probably thought about trying over-the-counter whitening systems. You may have even purchased a few. Chances are, you did not notice any results. If any results did occur, they probably did not last long. Over-the-counter whitening kits do not contain professional quality whitening agents. As a result, they are not able to deeply penetrate the enamel to resolve tough stains. The only way to achieve the dazzling white results you want is with a professional whitening treatment from your dentist.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For the highest level of results to reverse discoloration, we offer an in-office whitening treatment with the Zoom! Whitening System. The Zoom! System is among the most patient preferred and dentist recommended because it offers a safe, effective, and quick treatment for drastic results. Using custom-made trays, the professional grade whitening agent is evenly distributed for consistent results. Then, a special light activates the gel to deeply penetrate the enamel to lift away tough stains. Your smile will become as much as 10 shades whiter after just one session.

Take-Home Whitening

If you enjoy the convenience of over-the-counter whitening kits, you will enjoy our take-home whitening system. You will achieve professional quality results from the comfort of your own home. We will provide you with custom-made trays for the highest level of results and comfort. Using the whitening agent, you will whiten your smile over the course of the next couple of weeks around your own schedule. You can even use the whitening kit as maintenance in between in-office treatments.

Enjoy a Lifetime Bright Smile

Our professional whitening kits will provide you with dazzling results that will last for several months with the right care. However, as you age and due to lifestyle factors, discoloration can once again occur. You can keep discoloration at bay with a lifetime of free whitening by joining our Whitening for Life program. You will be required to attend regular checkups in order to receive your whitening trays and gel. By doing so, you will maintain a radiant, white smile for life.

Your Dentist for a Bright Smile

Dr. Hagerty understands just how important it is to feel confident about your smile. If your smile has taken on a yellow or brown appearance due to discoloration, he will help you remove the stains to smile brightly. Using his professional and effective teeth whitening solutions, you will achieve your desired results so you no long have to hide behind a discolored smile.


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