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A Root Canal Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly – Get It Done In Lansing

June 20, 2015

Get your root canal taken care of.Oh, root canals. We wish you were more loved than you actually are. We really do. When you think of a root canal, what comes to mind? Is it the shriek of the dental drill as it works on someone’s tooth? Is it the horror stories you’ve heard from patients that say they’d rather not have gotten any treatment than gone along with it. That’s just silly. Anyone with a brain knows that a root canal is necessary when a deep cavity has invaded your tooth to the point where severe pain has taken over. At Hagerty Dentistry in Lansing, MI, our goal is to bring you out of the world of pain you’re currently living in and move you to a place where your mouth can enjoy all the benefits of great oral health. If you’re ready to rid your mouth of toothaches and other pain, a root canal treatment may be just what the dentist ordered.

A Root Canal – Why?

Because we said so. Just kidding, but seriously, there’s a reason why a root canal is necessary. If you’ve ever had a cavity (and really, who hasn’t?), you know the pain and discomfort it can cause. It’s a real pain in the mouth, so to speak. You may be thinking to yourself, “eh, it’s not causing me any problems so I won’t mess with it.” While it’s true some cavities may not show any symptoms and wont’ cause any pain, it’s still very important to take care of any cavities.

Cavities that are so deep that they’ve started affecting your whole tooth to the point where it’s become discolored, frayed or painful, are highly problematic. It isn’t just your oral health that’s hanging in the balance here, it’s your overall health. Untreated diseases or infections can increase the risk of several scary conditions including increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, cancer and other ailments. Be smart – get the help you need.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

The goal is to remove every last bit of infected pulp tissue from the tooth. Everything will be removed if it’s infected, including nerve tissue, lymph tissue, blood tissue and more. Dr. Hagerty will use his expertise to drive deep into the tooth and flush germs. He’ll then apply an antibiotic and fill the remaining enamel with a lifelike resin that blends in beautifully with your other teeth. Keeping you safe and comfortable throughout the process is what we do best, and you’ll see the difference our team can make with our expert treatment.

Is It Time for a Root Canal? Schedule an Appointment Today

Don’t live with toothaches or other pain any more. Root canal treatment can be yours! If you live outside of the Lansing, MI area, don’t worry! We welcome everyone to our office, including those of you in Okemos, Grand Ledge, East Lansing and beyond.




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