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Lansing Mercury-free Dentistry

We keep patients safe with mercury-free dentistry!

While the American Dental Association officially states that the mercury level in amalgam fillings is safe, our Lansing dental office takes no chances with your health. In fact, we won't compromise your all-white smile with metal dental work of any kind. For fillings, we use safe, durable composite resin, also known as white fillings, and for most crowns, we use all-porcelain, metal-free restorations. Lansing Elite Dental will partner with you to maintain your oral health and your natural-looking, gorgeous smile.

Composite, Mercury-free Fillings vs. Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings, or silver-colored fillings, are temperature-sensitive, expanding and contracting when they come into contact with hot and cold. This can cause hairline fractures in your enamel and tooth sensitivity. Over time, an amalgam-treated tooth can weaken, often creating a liability to your long-term dental health.

Composite fillings are bonded with adhesive to your enamel, protecting against decay and strengthening the tooth. This bond can make a mercury-free filling last for seven to ten years. Composite fillings provide long-term bacterial invasion protection, too. Once bonded, a metal-free filling won't wear down or change shape, despite the incredible forces of biting and chewing. Bacteria and food particles cannot enter the tooth. Because they're tinted to match your natural tooth color, mercury-free fillings will blend seamlessly into your smile.