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Oral Cancer Screenings in Lansing

Preserving Your Future with Oral Cancer Screenings

Every year, oral cancer claims more lives across the country than cervical or skin cancer, to the point that one American dies from it every hour.

The most common risk factors associated with oral cancer are tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, frequent cheek or lip biting, and even dentures that don't fit properly. However, with 25 percent or more of oral cancer cases involving patients with none of these risk factors, and with rates of oral cancer on the rise, your six-month cleaning is that much more important.

At Lansing Elite Dental, we include oral cancer screenings as part of every dental exam and cleaning. When oral cancer is diagnosed in its earliest stages, chances of a full recovery improve significantly. During your oral cancer screening, our doctors will look for flat, painless white or red spots. Other signs include:

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