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Our Dental Technology

At our progressive dental office, we strive to deliver extraordinary service. Dr. Hagerty invests in leading-edge technology to bring Lansing families the best of modern dentistry.

CAESY Patient Education

Lansing Elite Dental provides our patients with full access to the CAESY patient education database. While you're in our practice, you'll be able to watch informational videos that fully explain your procedure in a way that's easy to understand. Our Lansing patients appreciate this technology as a complement to Dr. Hagerty's knowledge.

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection

With DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection, we can locate hard-to-find areas of decay in the enamel. A member of the Lansing Elite Dental team simply shines this light into a patient's mouth. Then, caries become easy to locate and repair with our metal-free dentistry techniques.

Digital Panorex & Digital X-rays

We value the overall health of our patients. Dr. Hagerty has prioritized this value by using digital Panorex and digital X-rays for our imaging needs. This technology reduces our patients' exposure to radiation by 90 percent, and produces pictures that are crisp, clear, and easy to transfer.

Intraoral Cameras & Chairside Monitors

When Dr. Hagerty needs to illustrate an area of your mouth, our intraoral cameras and chairside monitors allow us to show you your mouth in a whole new way. We'll project an image of your smile onto the display, and you can work with Dr. Hagerty to discuss which of our services would be best for your needs.


Are you planning a complex dentistry procedure? Our advanced wax-up technology lets us create a complete 3D model of your jaws and teeth as we plan your restorative or reconstructive dentistry procedure. Dr. Hagerty and our Lansing team will be able to test out a variety of services to come to a comprehensive treatment plan for you.