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Restorative Dentist in Lansing

Reclaim Your Smile’s Beauty and Functionality for Life

Despite our best efforts to keep our teeth and gums clean, healthy, and safe from harm, there are times in our lives when damage to our smile warrants restorative measures. Whether you have sustained an oral injury, developed a cavity, or even lost a tooth, our team can help you reclaim the strong, beautiful smile you want and deserve with a wide variety of restorative dentistry solutions.

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When a tooth is damaged due to decay, periodontal disease, or injury, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent worsening of its condition. Even a small cavity or fracture in the enamel can lead to extensive damage if not addressed in a timely manner. This principle holds especially true in the case of missing teeth. The longer you wait to replace a missing tooth, the higher the risk for associated complications. Teeth that aren’t replaced results in the shifting of remaining teeth in an attempt to balance the biting forces exerted when you chew. The jaw bone begins to deteriorate.

Fortunately, restorative dentistry services from Dr. Hagerty can help you reduce your risk of complications related to missing and damaged teeth, repairing even the most severe damage in a way that looks and feels completely natural. Our biocompatible restorative dental options include:

If you know that your smile needs some restorative help, but you are apprehensive about seeing the dentist, we understand. Approximately one in seven Americans experiences some level of dental anxiety, but fear needn’t keep you from receiving the comprehensive care you need. To put our patients’ anxiety to rest, Dr. Hagerty offers sedation dentistry options at our Lansing, MI office, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. Ask us out sedation dentistry solutions can help you pursue the restorative dental care your smile needs to look and feel its absolute best once again.

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Dr. Hagerty and his team believe that each and every one of our patients deserves to enjoy the innumerable benefits of healthy, attractive teeth. That’s why we are happy to offer an all-encompassing range of restorative dentistry services, all completely free of mercury and other harmful elements. With safe, effective, and proven biological dentistry treatments, Dr. Hagerty can help you experience what it’s like to eat, speak, and smile with complete comfort and confidence.

Experience the difference our commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction can make in your next dental visit. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our extensive list of restorative dentistry services. From our conveniently located dental office in Lansing, MI, Dr. Hagerty and his staff welcome families from throughout the surrounding areas, including Okemos, Holt, Grand Ledge, and more.